11 February 2010

Updates. . .

1).  Please continue to pray for Mama Becky.  She is now on a portable O2 tank. . .we're thinking of changing her nickname to "Scuba Mama"!  :-)

2).  I updated the Book Depository Wish List yesterday to include two books from the reading list of the curriculum from Wyoming Catholic College.  Very impressive list!  (H/T:  Fr. Z.)

3).  Summer plans are shaping up.  Looks like I will spend most of the summer in Houston, TX at Holy Rosary Church (my priory of assignment).  I'm hoping to spend Sept. at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford.  Excellent phil/theo library. . .AND they will let me cook for them!

4).  My province, St. Martin de Porres (a.k.a. "the Southern Province") is in the midst of its annual "1216 Campaign."  This is our fundraising drive.  The largest portion of our annual operating budget goes for initial formation.  I.F. includes the novitiate and the costs of 5-7 years of graduate theology studies for each student brother.   Please consider donating!

5).  Also, my province will hold an elective chapter in June.  We will be electing new provincial officers, including a new Provincial (the OP version of a bishop for the province).  Please lift the province up in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide the electors.  

6).  AND the whole Order will be electing a new Master of the Order in Sept.  The Master serves a single nine year term.  More prayer, please!  :-) 

7).  There will be a homily this coming Sunday. . .if I have to steal something straight out of St. Augustine's work, there will be a homily.

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  1. 1) Of course, in my prayers!

    2) I think they're better read than I was after 6 years of Masters level schooling.

  2. hummm Houston......

    gonna have to put some thought into that dinner we owe ya.....