09 February 2010

A Strange Sight: Nuns on Oprah!

The Holy Father recently called on priests to use the internet to preach and teach the Gospel.  The Dominican Order regularly calls on its friars, nuns, sisters, and laity to enter the fray in cyberspace and mark out a place for the Holy Preaching.  

In answer to these calls, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist will process onto the set of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“When asked why they chose to accept the invitation and appear on the show, “Oprah is powerful -- we entrust this endeavor to Mother Mary for the greater glory of her Son! It's truly been a lot of fun as 'the world' does not begin to understand our life,” the Dominican said. “Hopefully, this will inspire more people to love God and serve Him in the manner He invites each of us -- and get the Gospel on the airwaves!!”

“The Dominican Sisters of Mary were founded in 1997 by four Dominican sisters responding to John Paul II’s call for a new evangelization. In the 13 years of their existence, they have grown to almost 100 members. Their newly constructed motherhouse is already filled to capacity.

Currently the average age of the sisters is 26 and the average age of their postulants is 21.

“Young people, inspired by John Paul the Great and Pope Benedict XVI, are generous and desirous of living sacrificial, authentic lives as God asks of them,” Sr. Joseph Andrew said.

“We agreed (to be on the show) because it will further understanding of Religious Life,” she added. “The Catholic Church is alive, well, and thriving as is authentic religious life,” she added.” 

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  1. might have been okay if Oprah hadn't put the nuns up side by side with Geishas and focused so much on sex.....and her disbelief over the vow of celibacy....

  2. I agree that it could have been better, BUT, we have to remember that this is Oprah we are talking about. Given that, I thought the Sisters handled themselves beautifully. And the responses they gave to the continuous questions about giving up sex and other things were great. There seemed to be a fairly healthy reverence for the life and not a dismissal as this religious sisters as nuts or socially backwards women. Who knows what heart may have been touched by the Dominicans willingness to appear on such a show.

  3. I didn't see the show, however my non-Catholic co-workers did and were really impressed with them. They said they never knew nuns were like that. One of them even said he absolutely loved them and it gave him a whole different perspective on the Church. I think some or their reasons for appearing were fulfilled.

  4. For anyone who did not get to see the show: http://www.donahueacademy.org/sistersofmaryonoprah