12 February 2010

Roman snow

It's snowing in Rome!!!

The last snowfall in Rome was 24 years ago in 1987. . .

Update:  three hours later and it is still snowing hard!  From a second storey window we can normally clearly see the monument to Vittorio Emmanuele. . .it's only about two blocks from the priory.  Right now, it is almost completely obscured by the falling snow. 

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  1. Make a snow man (friar) and take a picture.

  2. Snow in Rome, Italy. Blizzards in Washington, DC. So much for anthropogenic global warming.

  3. About a foot accumulation at my house in the Metroplex, Father.

    I'm not sure what to think about snow in both Rome and DFW in the same week of February. o_O

  4. Ioannes, everything can be blamed on antropogenic global warming. On the news just last night an AGW "expert" was claiming all this snow was a predicted effect of AGW. It gets hotter: AGW is the cause. It gets colder: AGW is the cause. It's the GWB of the scientism world.

    That people can claim these things with a straight face is ... impressive. My cognitive dissonance failsafe kicks in way before this though.

  5. Mirabile dictu! (to borrow a phrase)

    And we got 10 to 12 inches of snow in Dallas yesterday -- it snowed for almost 24 hours.

    Wonders never will cease.

  6. We have, right now, at least 5" and it is still coming down hard.

  7. Enjoy not being able to see the Wedding Cake while you can...

  8. AGW is the cause? I thought GWB was the cause of AGW.


  9. It may not have snowed in a long time, but it sleeted in 2003!! Some students of mine were giving a group presentation at the Baths of Diocletian and we all had to stand there in the sleet. For people who fled upstate NY for a term abroad in Rome it was NOT the weather they were paying for!