12 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Another "Kennedy seat" up for grabs in November.  At the rate Dems are jumping the Congressional ship, the GOP may return to the majority by way of attrition alone.

". . .the Tea Party engine is driven first and foremost by a desire to return government to its proper constitutional limits and run it with a lot less money."  If this is true, then count me among the Tea Partiers!

Deal Hudson asks, "Is it time for a Catholic Tea Party?"  I'd say, "Most definitely!"

From a privacy rights/anti-Nanny State perspective, this seems like a good idea.  I wish they had left all that "666"/Mark of the Beast stuff out of the discussion.

And yet even MORE exaggerations and outright lies from the IPCC Global Warming boondoggle. 

Dissident feminists pretend to be ordained into the Catholic priesthood.  As usual, media clueless in reporting on the faux event.

Heh.  And Catholics think our Spirit of Vatican Two vestments are ugly!  Note the absence of any sort of Christian symbolism on these rags.

On the difference between the firm, outspoken leadership of BXVI and the limp, waffling reactions of Rowan Williams.
Now for some good news about the Catholic Church in the U.S.  (corrected)

Is the issue of state secession a settled political matter?  I read the Volokh Conspiracy blog b/c I am a Legal Fanboy.  And I am always amazed at how often this blog's well-argued posts put my assumptions to shame. 

Video of the fireworks display at the Vatican last night.  I heard the explosions and wondered what was going on.  Now I know.

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  1. Father, I clicked on your link to "good news about the Catholic Church in Ireland" only to find that it's actually good news about the Church in the US. Never mind - it's still good news.

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Apropos to Lincoln's birthday.

    Okay. States can't secede. Where does it say the national government can invade and destroy states?

    Slavery certainly is a horror. Was the north's invasions and destructions of southern civilians morally justified?

    Case in point. 2/17/2009: Volokh: "As the code's Confederate critics noticed immediately, the laws of war Lincoln announced in 1863 were far tougher than the humanitarian rules McClellan had demanded a year earlier. The code allowed for the destruction of civilian property, the bombardment of civilians in besieged cities, the starving of noncombatants . . . It permitted executing prisoners in cases of necessity or as retaliation. It condoned the summary executions of enemy guerillas. And in its most open-ended provision, the code authorized any measure necessary to secure the ends of war and defend the country. 'To save the country,' the code declared, 'is paramount to all other considerations.' Lincoln's code was a body of rules not for McClellan's gentleman's war but for Sherman's March to the Sea."

    And, those experiences don't justify the Klan's depredations, either.

    I wonder why L's birthday was never celebrated in the South.

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    From Damian's blog, best quote ever: "Why is she wearing a cloak with Tetris on it?"

    Anthony OPL

  4. as to those vestments......my eyes! my eyes! I'm blinded now!!!

    if there's so many Catholic hospitals why aren't they close to me??? anyone know where the nearest one to Dallas is??