17 December 2009

Thesis Report

The meeting with my thesis director went well last night.  He suggested a few minor changes. . .mostly just to clarify terms and make sharper distinctions.  No major revisions will be necessary!

I am writing the concluding chapter (10-15 pgs.), cleaning up the hundreds of typos, expanding the footnotes, and starting on the dreaded bibliography.

Most of the friars will be headed out for the Christmas break in the morning, so the place will be very quiet. . .nearly abandoned, in fact, for about a month.

Plenty of time to go deeper into Seclusion Mode and start studying for comps, writing exam questions, and learning French.  Ugh. 


  1. lois in Indy4:26 PM

    Father, They told me way back in high school (and that would be way back) Spanish, French and Italian are all what they used to call Romance languages and they tie in with Latin somehow. It's my understanding if you can learn one you can learn them all. French is just harder to pronounce maybe. Anyway, prayers for your success in all your endeavors. lois

  2. Father, use Pimsleur and Assimil to learn French. The former is available everywhere online, but is expensive: look for used copies. The latter is ubiquitous in Europe and is widely used.

  3. Anonymous10:32 PM

    good luck!

    actually, i am envious. i love to learn and it sounds like a blast! especially the french.


    : ) I'm all chuckles just thinkin' of it. I think it sounds like a dream of happiness. You get to do nothing but read, write, pray and learn.

    WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!

  4. well, tout de suite Fr.

  5. Victoria7:29 PM

    How often do you meet with your thesis director?