13 December 2009

Homily is percolating. . .

There's a Gaudete Sunday homily in the works. . .

I was up at 3.30am with a bad case of acid reflux.  Worked for a while.  Went to Mauds (Lauds + Mass).  Crashed again.

Got up.  Read what I had written in the wee hours and deleted it.  Now, I'm starting over.

Also, the Blackwell Anthology of Modern Philosophy arrived.  No shipping invoice, no return address.  So, thanks to the generous soul who sent it to the Angelicum library!


  1. Will it be a Coffee Bowl homily? :)

  2. Ooop, that was me; sent with Christian love and collegial respect from one grad student to others. ;) I'm glad it arrived!

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    if you focused half as much time on your vocation as you do on BO you would be a saint.

  4. Anon., as a priest, my vocation is expose evil and defend the faith.


    Anyway, you would be shocked to learn how little time I spend thinking about B.O.

  5. Thanks, Julie! It will be thoroughly used...I guarantee it.

  6. I'm not sure how we got on the topic, but when you live in community, concern with BO is a matter of fraternal charity.

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    you sure spend a lot of time WRITING about Obama.

    defend the faith by behavior.

    pot shots don't speak well for those in vestments.

    When I go into the world, I wear a suit and tie. That means I represent my company and comport myself with [as best I'm able] dignity and appropriate speech.

    You wear vestments yet roar and squeal.

    I think it's disgraceful.

  8. Anon. --

    Clearly you do not know Fr. Philip personally. If all priests had as much focus on their own vocations as Fr. Philip does, regardless of their political views, the 'vocations crisis' would vanish.

    I'm guessing you would not harbor the same criticism of a priest sycophantically obsessed with BO...

  9. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I don't know of a priest infatuated with Obama. I don't know of any other priest who talks about politics as much as Neri Powell. I find it, well, nuts.

    I don't think "sycophantically" is a word.

    And that's spurious logic regarding the vocation crisis. There is a crisis because the Church is plagued with scandal, people are looking elsewhere and what used to be "Conservative" thought has been replaced by bluster.

    Look up Christopher Buckley on YouTube. Not to hear what he has to say but to hear him speak of his father's concerns for the Conservative stance. It was supplanted by roars and grumbles and Limbaughs. Here is one in a priest's garb.

  10. Anon., your critique would be much more compelling if you had the courage to sign your name.

    Hiding behind the option of anonymity and hurling insults is cheap and lazy.

    Man up and sign your comment next time...your real name...otherwise, no more commenting for you.

  11. I know a number of Obama-besotted clergy -- but they're part of the in-crowd now, and I suspect they don't need to write blogs dissecting the inconsistency (and sometimes outright hypocrisy) of BO's political stances.

    It's 'nuts' for a priest to be passionately concerned about politics? Would that more priests become involved and rouse the flock toward the struggle for truth as manifest in this world as politics! Have you ever read First Things? Or is that the sort of post-Buckley pseudo-conservatism you consider as 'bluster' now?

    My logic regarding the vocations crisis as it relates to Fr. Philip's personal vocation is no more spurious than your initial ad hominem attack equating his anti-Obama zeal and vocational dedication as mutually exculsive entities. [Why do critics of Obama-critics nearly always go for ad hominem attacks as a first line of defense?? Inability to refute on the grounds of content alone?]

    Oh, and this: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sycophantically
    Take it up with Br. Joe LeBon, CSC, on whose vocabulary list I first learned the word 'sycophantic' in prep school. And Miss Nugent, my grade school English teacher who taught us that the suffix "-ly" turns adjectives into adverbs.