16 December 2009

Clergy should never be political

Nawwwww. . .priests should never be political, never call politicians on their human rights abuses, never say a word against genocide, torture, abortion, totalitarianism, racial and religious persecution.

This guy, for instance, should have just kept his big mouth shut.  Just better for everyone. . .no, really.


  1. I think you are being sarcastic...

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The problem with clergy being political is that some of them, more so on the left than on the right, turn politics into a substitute religion and preach the party talking points instead of the gospel. It's especially a problem in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. Matt L.1:33 PM

    Darn it, Padre, there you go again, punching holes in The Narrative. How dare you ruin a convenient story with stupid facts.

  4. Chris Seeber5:09 PM

    Ok Father

    All sarcasm aside and presenting a chance to distinguish yourself, if a priest can be political why shouldn't he be able to run for office (Father/Representative Drinan S.J.)? I know the Holy Father banned it. I just would like to understand the distiction.



  5. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I know I didn't like going to mass and hearing I was supposed to vote for George Bush.

    They had brochures, etcetera. THAT is not why I'm at mass. If I am attentive to God, the other things will fall in order.

    Correct me if that is fallacious reasoning.

  6. Anon., no, you are spot on! But the more common story among RC in 2008 involved pastors, DRE's, soc-just directors, etc. hammering people to vote for BO...

  7. Chris, there are any number of ways a priest can be politically involved w/o actually holding office. Most people who are politically active don't hold an elected office.

    Generally, what clergy ought not to do is outright instruct their people on who to vote for. I know there were isolated cases of this happening in 2008...most of what I heard was priests pushing B.O. explicitly.

    One of the really important things to remember about the secularization of the US is this: the principal tool the secularists use to silence the Church in the public square is the privatization of religion belief. They use separation of Church and State to beat the Church into submission and usually succeed in convincing most Christians they ought to just politics outside the door of the Church going in and religion in inside the Church going out. This is not a Catholic approach.