13 November 2009

Report on Thesis Conference

Had a conference with my thesis director this evening.

Good news:  my line of argument is sound, so no major philosophical problems to work through in the revisions.

Bad news:  (and I knew this already. . .) My writing style at time tends to be too "informal and journalistic."  IOW, sometimes too chatty and not philosophically rigorous enough.  Mostly, this is about using non-philosophical terms to make philosophical points. 

And he didn't like my title.  "Too literary"!  Oh well. 

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  1. lois in Indy7:57 AM

    Congratulations!, Father. I've always found editing my own work difficult (love each word I write and think each indispensible (sp?) lol) but not nearly as hard as starting and getting it all on paper in the first place. And your argument is sound so that's surely the hardest part done and approved. Well done!! lois