12 November 2009

Coffe Bowl Browsing

Feet, meet fire. RNC Cigna health insurance covers abortion.  Steele says the problem will be fixed.  Let's make sure that he does.

Conflating mainstream Islam with jihadist extremism. . .this is as dumb and dangerous as excusing Hasan's murderous rampage with lefty-postmodern psychobabble.

Chavez turns to ancient Rome for his lesson in governing a starving populace:  when the Great Unwashed start to get restless from lack of public services, give them gladiators in the arena!

B.O.'s Olympian cyber tribute to Himself in Berlin:  "In the world of a narcissist, everything is always about him."  Apparently, B.O.'s ego can time-travel.  I bet he'd like to go back to Jan. 20, 2009.

More pro-aborts who seem to think that priestly ordination removes a man's citizenship

U.S. bishop whopping a Kennedy's rear-end. . .and in public too!  Who knew.

Introduction to The Hiddenness of God:  this is what I'm thinking about researching for my Ph.D.   Since the problems here raise all kinds of epistemological questions , my philosophy of science background will help immensely.

Who would use dead flies to create art?  Germans, of course!

St Albert the Great would have loved one of these!

Not jewelry FOR Barbie. . .jewelry FROM Barbie

After this, the child was sold to a circus and now spends his days stretching the midget costumes.

Ninja Obama!  Too bad there's not one of him slashing the budget and whopping Pelosi in a sword fight.

Now this is one serious Diet Coke lover. . .

How a glass of wine with friends inevitably leads to suicide

P.S.  I am going to comment on the Anglican Apostolic Constitution. . .probably over the weekend.  Most of it is dry canon law stuff, but there are a few interesting pieces.


  1. Christine2:07 PM

    Father, I have a question that I had never considered before this health care debate arose: is it immoral to purchase a health insurance policy that covers abortions? I participate in my employer's insurance benefit, and when in looking over the coverages, I see that "family planning" is covered - I presume that includes abortions. I suppose this means that the premiums I pay could potentially go toward someone's abortion. I don't know if I could afford health insurance for my family outside my employer, but of course cost could not be a consideration if my participation in this health plan is to participate in sin. Or am I far enough removed from any potential sin in this situation? What is my moral obligation here?

  2. Christine, just off the top of my head I'd say this is very remote cooperation. If you can "opt out" of the abortion coverage, do so; if not, I'd ask if there's an alternative plan.

    One of the problems of "pitch into the pot and then take what you need" is that sometimes people throw nasty stuff in the pot and ruins everything in it. It becomes a question of how far removed what you want is from the nastiness.