09 November 2009

It wasn't PTSD...it was terrorism

Heh.  The CIA knew for months that Major Hasan was trying to contact Islamist terrorists groups before he killed 13 servicemen at Ft. Hood.

Guess that puts the lie to the left-lib media meme that he snapped b/c he suffered so as a victim of anti-Muslim prejudice and harassment in the military.

Let's watch the Talking Heads on CNN and MSNBC spin this little revelation!


  1. I don't know if terrorism is quite the word for it. I see it as a defection to the other side and an act of war. Terrorism is generally aimed at civilians to demoralize the enemy's populace. This was aimed at military targets so I don't know if it really qualifies.

    Either way its splitting hairs. This is treason pure and simple, and I believe there are rather direct guidelines for that. Short drop and a sudden stop.

  2. According to the liberal mindset this atrocity can't be terrorism. Period.

    So start scratching away to figure out an alternate explanation. Maybe he snapped because of too many insults to his "religion", maybe because he couldn't hook up with a woman, maybe this maybe that maybe the other thing.

    Sooner or later, while our islamic butt kissing "leaders" are busy playing nice, John & Joan Q. Public will start organizing vigilante committees. It routinely happens when the public feels they've been left unprotected.

    Start stocking up on bullets, beans, Bibles and rosaries folks. Pretty soon that which is warm, brown & stinky will fall into the oscillating ventilation facilitator.

  3. He was a Major in the Army. Who was going to harass him? The LTC? The General?

    He didn't snap. He killed in cold blood. He knew which station had the most people.