10 November 2009

Chapter Two & Mama Becky


Chapter two has been sent.  Our internet service was down for about 13 hrs. yesterday. 

A "guasto esterno" knocked it out, so I was late.  Only the second time I've ever turned anything in late.  I'm a procrastinator ready for the Olympics of Procrastination, but I really hate turning things in late.

Anyway, mille grazie for your prayers and encouragement.  I could not have finished without you!

Mama Becky Update:  Talked to her last night and she's doing quite well.  They will keep her in the hospital until Thursday.  She still has a bad cough, but the swine flu seems to have gone.  She wants to get back home ASAP.  She suspects that my dad may have left a dirty dish in the sink.  Horror.


  1. well, so long as he's not starving to death without her.....

    glad all's well.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM


    Congratulations on completing another chapter! Prayers will continue to be offered for you and your family.


    PS.: Was curious when you will comment on "Anglicanorum coetibus"?