24 October 2009

Why are liberal cities so white?

Funny thing. . .turns out that all those Leftie Prog cities that the eco-weirdos love so much are really, really, really white.  I don't mean shiny clean. . .I mean White. . .as in mostly Lily White People.

Figures the Lefties would find a way to couch their racist white-flight in terms of "saving the planet."



  1. Completely off topic Father, did you get the email I sent or is it caught up in some spam filtering black hole of the internet?

  2. Sub, you used a magic word and it went to Spam...I have it now and will answer you ASAP.

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Liberal cites [San Francisco and NY to name two] are remarkable expensive. Thus, their "white-i=tude."

    You and your "leftie" comments are far out of date and step with anything resembling a thoughtful approach to politics or religion. It's a rather pathetic situation.

    Why don't you join the likes of R. Limbaugh and burble into a microphone?

  4. Anonymous, Fr. Powell is exactly correct. It was the white Democrat Party that took the side of slavery in the Civil War, denigrating blacks in 2nd class status. It is the white Democrat Party that started President Johnson's Great Society boondoggle, proposing largess from the public treasury to keep all those poor minorities in line. It is the white Democrat Party that exalts abortion which disproportionally impacts people of color. Meanwhile, these same white elitist liberals make conservative relgious people look racist for their unyielding adherence to what God says, thereby disguising their own genocidal positions that they hold in the secret of their hearts. It's obvious as all "get-out".

    As far as I am concerned, Obama is racially suicidal. It's incredible that this country would elect a suicidal man to the Oval Office, but such is neo-paganism.

  5. Scott W.2:22 PM

    Yeah Father, you preoccupation with facts are so out of step...but I wouldn't worry about it. In my experience when the progressives are winning, their rhetoric is "ride the wave or be crushed by it" when they are losing it's "oh what is this liberal and conservative thing anyway? why O why do we need such limiting labels?":)

  6. Marion (Mael Muire)8:35 PM

    Just a point of historic interest, for what it's worth: Our African American population had been concentrated very much in the Southern states. Most blacks were slaves owned by white Southern slaveowners and not free to move to other parts of the country until after the Civil War. Meanwhile cities like Minneapolis were being settled by Swedish and German immigrants. Although the descendants of African American slaves eventually did make their way out of the South and into cities throughout the country, African-American migrants have generally tended to favor areas of the country that are within reasonable travel distance of the South and home and extended family. (Significant African-American populations in Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles represent exceptions to this.)

    If you live in upper New England, the upper Midwest, or in the Pacific Northwest - areas most distant from "Dixie" - chances are your area is "lily white", and has been from the year dot. Your area was settled by English, French, Polish, Norwegian, Slovenian, even Russian immigrants, and families with roots in the Deep South haven't made their way to you yet.

    "White flight" may not be a part of the picture in this case. (Unless we're talking about "flight" from Krakow, Wurttemburg, or Ljubljana.)

  7. Anonymous1:04 PM


    check this out. it is informative re: the state of things.

  8. Interesting video.

    While we are on a post-apocalyptic theme, check out this video about Detroit. Chilling: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/no_ones_home_neighborhood

  9. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Ask the good padre why he uses "leftie" all the time.

    It's ludicrous.

  10. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I guess I am an eco weirdo. Have you not looked at the list of fish fit to eat?

    Sardines and anchovies. If nothing else, THAT should interest you.

  11. Leftie? It's shorthand. Ya know, like Pelosi and Reid calling Americans who disagree with them Nazis.

  12. Scott W.8:45 AM

    Leftie? It's shorthand. Ya know, like Pelosi and Reid calling Americans who disagree with them Nazis.

    Yeah, just like if someone doesn't want the mouthful of calling me by my preferred label, "reactionary theocratic imperialist", they can just use, "wing-nut" without insulting me. :D