21 October 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing (I'm Procrastinating Edition)

And you thought that you could die happy w/o seeing a pic of Salvador Dali and his anteaters!

Google:  love it, use it, fear it.

Ahhhh, the multiform talents of all God's creatures. . .

Can you hear me now?

Re-writing children's books for fun and profit. . .and just plain meanness.

A bathroom not made for us Ample Friars

Today's Homer Simpson moment:   Ummmmmm, Spammmmm.

Mickey and his homies are tired of your lip. . .

Haunted by a Holy Ghost?  Who you gonna call?! 

This pic made me reach for the Holy Water and the Rite of Exorcism. . .the Power of Christ compels you. . .to get a life. . .and a job. . .and take a shower.

There's milk sold before the expiration date. . .and then there's Fresh Milk.

Our future:  Ninja Kitty attacks Zombie Toddler. . .oh, the humanity!

This is the road to the local Poste Italiane office.

Haute cuisine in Japan:  Ocular sushi


  1. ..."Holy Water and the Rite Exorcism" ... on the link to that site as well!

  2. Here's one you don't want to read over a coffee bowl... perhaps over a strong drink: