20 October 2009

Dominican Litany Brings Anglicans Home to Rome

Faith Flaherty, OP Laywoman Extraordinaire, shares this email from the Undersecretary for the CDF, Archbishop Gus DiNoia, OP (via facebook):

Today there was announced -- at press conferences in Rome and London -- the forthcoming publication of an apostolic constitution in which the Holy Father allows for the creation of personal ordinariates for groups of Anglicans in different parts of the world who are seeking full communion with the Catholic Church. The canonical structure of the personal ordinariate will permit this corporate reunion while at the same time providing for retention of elements of Anglican liturgy and spirituality.

When I asked the friars (and other OP's --Ed.) to pray the Dominican litany from 22 February to 25 March earlier this year, the intention was that this proposal would receive the approval of the cardinal members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was necessary if the proposal of some structure allowing for corporate reunion was to go forward. Our prayers at that time were answered, and now that the proposal has become a reality we can tell everyone what we were praying for then.


+Abp. J Augustine Di Noia, OP

The Dominican Litany has a long history of being used to give God thanks and praise for His many blessings.  If I'm not mistaken, it was once used to thank God in advance for the election of a particularly excellent cardinal as Pope.  Ahem.  As Faith notes, "Beware the Dominican litany!"

NB.  I've always thought it would be great to be a Vicar of a small, rural Anglican parish.   But the thought of having to deal with the crazies that run the Episcopal Church made the idea poisonous.  But now. . .hmmmmmm. . .who knows?  "Parson Philip"?  "Vicar Powell"?  Sounds nice, uh?  


  1. and I received the news from Jan, another member of LFSD in Europe. The LFSD grapevine--faster than a speeding bullet.

  2. Oh, good Lord. But I can't say I wouldn't volunteer to teach at the parish school...