22 October 2009

Awake! Awake! To set the bowls for leaks!*

For once this week I was sleeping well. . .only to be awakened at 3am by an annoying dripping sound.

I got up to discover that it was raining outside. . .and in my room.

At this moment there are eight leaks in my ceiling.  Are they dripping over the sink?  No.  The middle of the room?  No.  How about near the door or window?  No.

All eight are concentrated over my bookshelf and desk.  Of course.  Where else?

Siamo in Italia!

For the last two weeks a crew of roofers has been crawling over scaffolding right outside my window repairing the roof. . .allegedly.  They "work" from about 8.30am to 11.00 and then again from about 3.30pm to 4.00.  And only on days beginning with "T."  As far as I can tell "repairing the roof" in Italian means a lot of yelling, lots of milling about smoking, and the occasional burst of hammering between coffee breaks.  Must be union labor.

Anyway, this makes me very cranky b/c it means that I have to stay in my room to make sure no new leaks spring up to ruin my books or the electronics on my desk.

Last November the leaks were right over my bed, which meant rearranging the furniture.  That was no big deal, really.  I'm not all that concerned about losing a mattress or some bed linens.  But my BOOKS!!!  Now, you're threatening my children, buddy.  And Papa Bear ain't happy about that.  

Fortunately, it never rains in Rome for long.

*Ten brownie points to anyone who can identify the allusion here.


  1. NACer3:01 AM

    Awake! Awake! and Greet the New Morn! [by nostro caro Marty Haugen]

  2. "Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in days of old, the generations of long ago." (Isaiah 51:9, and something similar at 52:1)

  3. London, not the allusion I had in mind, but a very good guess. 10 pts!

  4. Nac'er. . .[shudder]. . .Ten Hail Mary's for mention That Name on my blog!


  5. "Awake! Awake! Ring the alarm bell!" --Macbeth, act 2, scene 3.

  6. Ha! I googled the phrase to see what I could find, and you know what I got? You, and a zillion people who link to you in their sidebars. I can't even cheat if I try!