07 September 2009

Way to go, sisters!

Great news from the center of religious life in the U.S.: Nashville, TN!

Most of the new sisters are in their 20s and want to be traditional nuns, wearing full habits and living in a convent. They say that life as a nun offers more than the secular world could ever give them.

The new sisters are a diverse group, including those right out of high school and from across the globe. One, a nurse of Vietnamese descent, came from Sydney, Australia. Another sister is from the Ivory Coast. Three were engineers before coming to the convent [so much for the prog meme that younger religious clamoring for tradition are a bunch of middle-class whites fleeing economic uncertainty!]

Now the question is: will the LCWR learn anything from this example?

Doh! Forget to link the article: CathNews.


  1. The LCWR will die in the same fashion as all liberal religious groups do - due to apathy. Liberal Epsicopal churches are emptying out. The Lutheran Evangelical Communion will empty out due to its support of gay marriage and gay living together priests. The LCWR will likewise die and that'll be a good thing. People devoted to God want Truth, not the wishy-washiness of putrid, sickening liberalism. The Church will be purged by the very apathy that infects it as a cancerous disease. Those susceptible to liberalism can't tolerate Truth because to them there is no truth,only the dictatorship of relativism as Pope Benedict XVI pointed out.

  2. Hi Father Powell. Good to have you back. You didn't have a link on this story, but perhaps this is the one you wanted.

    You might also be interested in this piece, which sort-of involves the Nashville Dominicans. :>


  3. Do you have a link to the article?

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    The LCWR seems incapable or learning anything.