10 September 2009

Dominican friar appt'ed to SSPX Commission

A Dominican, a Jesuit, and an Opus Dei priest walk into a bar. . .

Rorate is reporting that the Vatican has appointed a commission to begin theological discussions with the SSPX.

One member of the commission is Fr. Charles Morerod, O.P. Fr. Morerod, until just recently, was dean of the philosophy faculty at the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum). He was elected rector of the university late last semester and that election has been confirmed by the Master of the Order.

Not only is Fr. Morerod rector of the Angelicum, a philosophy/theology prof at the school, and a member of the Vatican-SSPX commission, he is also Secretary of the International Theological Commission and a consultor for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith! Whew.

Fr. Morerod will be a busy friar in the coming years. Fortunately, he is a cheerful dynamo with an odd sense of humor. I rarely leave his company without a good laugh.

Please pray for him. . .he's gonna need it.


  1. In reaction to these announcements, Bishop Fellay was quoted as stating, "One does not simply walk to Morerod..."

  2. Flambeaux10:45 AM


    It took me a moment, Paul, but that is delightful.

  3. Paul, Flam...

    I had a very good chuckle too! Knowing Fr. Charles he would too...after I explained the allusion.

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Please explain the allusion.