11 September 2009

Treasures Holy and Mystical

The second volume of my prayer book is in production. .

Title: Treasures Holy and Mystical: A Devotional Journey for Today's Catholics

The litanies and novenas in this volume are decidedly more "mystical" in flavor. They are a little more challenging theologically, but that just means that they will stretch those who pray them!

I will post the Table of Contents when it is finalized. No word yet on a publishing date.

Also, there will be a third volume of prayers and readings, Ordinary Prayer, Extraordinary Grace: Talking to God in the Meantime. This volume is still just an outline on my hard-drive.

Other books in process, i.e. I think about them a lot:

"Lord, take my life": Christian Sacrifice and Suffering (based on this homily)

Believing, Knowing, Reasoning: Habits for a Catholic Heart and Mind

An Urgent Faith: Being Nothing without God (based on this homily)

All of these will be written for a general Catholic audience. I hope to be able to publish my Ph.L. thesis as a book.


  1. My copy of volume one should be arriving on Monday. Guess I'll have to start saving up for two more!

  2. Wonderful! I am particularly looking forward to the book on Christian sacrifice and suffering.


  3. JSullivan, can I enroll you in my Prayer Book of the Month Club? :-)

    Christine, it will come...just don't hold your breath. There's much for me to do between now and then.