21 September 2009

Radio interview Monday morning

Brian Patrick, the host of the SonRise Morning Show out of Cincinnati, will be interviewing me about Treasures Old and New live this morning at 7.20 EST (6.20 CST).

From the SonRise website: "Fans of the Son Rise Morning Show say they’ve gotten “hooked” on our fast-paced, faithful, and friendly approach to mornings, and many comment on their surprise at how much they’ve learned about their faith. To share their enthusiasm, we invite you to tune in to the Son Rise Morning Show, weekday mornings from 6-9am on 740AM Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati, and 7am Eastern on the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network.”

Check it out!


  1. I heard it. You sounded good, even though you didn't quite sound the way I thought you would :>

  2. my my....are you still gonna email me with answers to all my silly little questions now that you've hit the big time and become all famous and everything??


  3. Mom, I'll always make room for the little people who watched me climb...



  4. Ben, it was 6am!!

    You can hear me til you're sick...most of my homilies are podcasts. Check thou it out on the right side bar, scroll down.

    Glad you liked it.