22 September 2009

Coffee Cup Browsing

Atheists going the way of the doo-doo bird? Yes. And so are the prog dissenters in the Church. Not only are they not reproducing biologically, they aren't reproducing intellectually either.

, revolutionary, oppositional, "Speaking Truth to Power": National Endowment for the Arts under a GOP administration. . .under B.O and the Dems: not so much.

Apparently, he can't do math or read.

Got LOTS of email yesterday about this liturgical oddity: priest's dog attends Mass. Is this abuse? Maybe. Hard to tell from the vid. If the dog wandered in on its own and this is not something that happens regularly--well, no foul. Things happen at Mass all the time that no one plans or expects. However, if this is a regular, intended feature at Mass. Big problem.

Over the last five years, I have posted many times on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Not withstanding their good work: the bishops need to cut ties. The CCHD has given millions to ACORN and other lefty anti-Catholic groups. Time to close them down.

Excellent article on baptism by the Freakish Grandpoopah of Lucy the Cuteness (i.e. Mark Shea).

Another post by my Arch-nemesis. The title and pic alone are worth a sustained snicker. Check out the linked article as well for more info on contemporary paganism.

The Curt Jester reviews a new book on happened to Catholic education at Notre Dame.

Dinosaur dissenter spews more dessication from his Jurassic theological wind-bags.

Go to confession! For your eco-sins. Who says that the Church of Global Warming isn't a religion?

Crying "wolf" over racism. . .nobody's running to help anymore.

The internet, coffee, nicotine, gambling. . .Now. . .abortion. Yes, abortion addiction.

God is dead. Re-visiting the historic article from TIME.

We must always be charitable. But does charity require civility?

Tough Love: "Like most parents, I don't want anything to thwart my children's happiness. . .Before I became a mom, I rolled my eyes at doting, smothering parents and resolved to be more of a no-pain-no-gain hardliner when I had kids. . .What doesn't kill kids makes them stronger. My how things change."

Great new website: American Issues Project

Geologians dissenting from infallible dogma of the Church of Global Warming

Making the Left look ridiculous by letting them talk freely and openly.


  1. oh has the AP cut back on their koolaide rations??

  2. I don't think you need to be civil in order to be charitable, but I do think you need to be *kind* in order to be charitable. Civility and kindness are not the same thing.

    I think it's one of those things where you run down the list given in 1 Corinthians 13 and figure out if you are in line with that understanding of God or not. If that list tells us what love is, and God is love, and if we're not fitting with what is on that list then we are not undergoing theosis.

    It's a failure of charity to argue that the truth is in poor taste and therefore we should shield people from the truth of their condition. To participate in someone's self deception is to perpetrate a tremendous cruelty against them. And we need as a culture to stop pretending that lying to people about what they're doing is somehow kind. It's not. It's a failure of kindness and ultimately of humility as well.

  3. Re:"Apparently, he can't do math or read."

    The use of auto insurance and it's requirement as a way to justify the penalty for not having health insurance is fallacious. Yes, I need to have auto insurance AS LONG AS I DRIVE A CAR! Even in my forsaken corner of North Texas, driving an automobile is optional and could stay that way the rest of my life. Medical care on the other hand, will be necessary at some point, even if it's just having the coroner confirm the stench isn't from bad hygiene.