25 September 2009

Coffee Cup Browsing (Bizarro Edition)

The Gashlycrumb Tinies: "N is for NEVILLE who died of ennui"

Google search suggestions: "I like to. . ."

Bizarro law-suits. . .can you say "tort reform"?

Can you watch this for one minute and not go crazy?

How to create Russian Haired Sausage

Nashville! Here they come!

Pimp my bug. . .

Extraordinary, weird, and just plain ugly churches

Memorable (and weird) weddings

Ice Cream flavors not even I would eat!


  1. However else our positions might diverge on other issues - I'm with you on the ice cream front. Totally.

  2. OK, thanks...I think I just wasted an hour or more investigating those links. I always love the frivolous lawsuits stories...and dying of ennui!

  3. Tort reform would do more to make medicine affordable than anything else gov't could come up with.

    It should come to fruition just about the time that the porcine family evolves functional winged appendages.

  4. okay, between the churches and the ice cream...I'm nauseaus.

  5. I'm Filipina and I love cheese ice cream. It's vanilla ice cream with cheese bits. It's good.