22 January 2009


Quick update. . .since not everyone is on Facebook. . .

Passed my first exam!

Finished my seminar paper, but I don't like it so I'm not gonna post it. . .yet.

Got my thesis outline back. . .prof said: excellent topic, WAY too big for license thesis.

Sent letters to Italian customs asking them to return my meds to the U.S. Who knows?

Headed to the U.S. one week from today!

Rec'd invitation from the Rome U.D. campus to accompany the students to Greece in March.

[Some few readers have somehow gotten the idea that I am flying to the U.S. simply to pick up some prescriptions from Walgreen's. . .No! All I am doing is taking my Easter vacation early. This allows me to get my med situation cleared up, and I will be here in Rome for Easter! So, no, I am not flyin' to the States on a drugstore run. . .though Wal-Mart will play a large role during my visit.]


  1. Emmett9:52 AM

    I'm glad everything is ok! I was getting worried. Have a good time in the States, and we'll have to get together sometime after you get back, and preferably before Greece.

  2. Congratulations (sans the meds)!

  3. Congratulations. Praying that the customs will BEHAVE!

    I do have a funny story to tell you. Our children were trying to figure out what your title means, we are not latin scholars. But, I thought you might find it funny when they concluded that you wanted a drink of water from your mistress. Then they did a double take and wanted to know why a priest would have a mistress!
    I suggested that it is "Woman, give me a drink" from the Women at the Well. Oh well.

  4. Opey,

    LOL! That's hilarious. Actually, the title is: "Lord, give me that water!"

  5. That is good to know because we thought we were translating the Domine right.
    If you use this site to translate it,
    It comes out:
    "Lady da me this water"