19 January 2009

Scarce this week...

Light posting this week!

I'm starting to feel the bad effects of going w/o my HBP meds. Crankier than usual (is that really possible?)

Homily due for tomorrow's Mass. Look for the podcast too. . .

Last Sunday's homily due. . .

Paper due Thursday. . .

Weekend trip starting Friday. . .

Good News: my Liguori Press editor liked the proposal and the sample litanies I sent. If I can get the full manuscript to her by May, the book will be available August 2009!

Speaking of books, thanks for the recent activity on the WISH LIST!


  1. Just wondering -- How's your Italian coming along?

  2. good time for some quiet meditation. careful with that BP!

  3. Sharon10:22 PM

    Why can't you visit a doctor in Italy and have him/her prescribe medication for you to tide you over until you are in the USA again?