20 January 2009

Revised Travel Plans

Having surrendered to Italian Customs and quite probably consigned hundreds of dollars of imported medications to the Fiery Pits of Customs Hell by doing so, I have decided to take my Easter vacation early so I can visit my doctors and get this med situation straightened out for good.

I've re-arranged three final exams so that I can leave for my U.S. visit on Jan. 30th.

I will be with the Parentals in Mississippi from Jan 30th-Feb 7th.

In Irving with the friars and my U.D. friends Feb. 7-11th.

Back to Mississippi and leave for Rome on Feb 14th.

Second semester begins Feb. 16th!

Please pray for this trip's success. . .


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  2. This trip does not negate the obligation of regular updates, both here and on Facebook...

    Other than that little caveat - have a safe trip

  3. erasing Palm Sunday dinner....

    which evening would you like to eat? Feb 7,8,9, or 10?? AMAZINGLY enough I am off all 4 consecutive nights! You pick a night I'll break out the pencil

    Now, on another note and because I seem to be spam again....
    what's the big deal here?


    if the announcements and blessings of Marriage and Birthday are the LAST thing to happen, then why is it a bad idea to applaud these achievements that have only been achieved by the Grace of God?? curious

  4. Mom,

    Since I have changed all this so suddenly, my plans are still in flux...it might be better if we waited until I am in Irving July-Oct. That way we won't have to try to rush plans together. Deal?

  5. If we knew what part of MS we might buy you supper! We are in the middle.
    Praying your trip is successful.

  6. Opey,

    My parents live between Olive Branch and Byhalia, MS....way up north.

  7. Oh well. Praying all goes well and you have a great vacation.

  8. whatever works :-)