22 December 2008

Natale a Roma!

It's final. . .I will be in Rome for Christmas. . .ah well. . .

I was trying to finagle my vacation budget and take a quick trip home to surprise my parents on the 24th.

But. . .flights to the U.S. are running at about $1,300 and that's with two and three stops along the way. I've traveled enough to know that you increase exponentially the chances of problems with every stop you add.

So, instead I'm going to go home over the Easter break (Apr 4-19). That way I can visit with the family; take a trip to Irving to rummage around in the storage building for books I need for the dissertation; see my doc for the needed RX's, etc.

This will be a much more relaxed visit b/c I will have longer to hang around. . .

Any suggestions for Midnight Mass? (other than St Peter's!)


  1. St Paul outside the walls.

  2. I would go to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva because I think that outside St.Peters and the Lateran, this is the most beautiful church. Plus it's Dominican!
    God Bless and Merry Christmas from a soon to be Lay Dominican.

  3. If there is Mass in the catacombs, I'd do that.

  4. Santa Trinità dei Monti

  5. Good suggestions...

    St Paul is a little far for us to travel at midnight..

    ...dei Monti and Sopra Minerva are both within walking distance...

  6. I don't know about Midnight Mass...but there's one lady who wouldn't mind seeing you at her confirmation on Easter Vigil...if you can squeeze it in....

    Also, and on another note. your Christmas gift went into the mail today...hopefully you will see it before Easter!

  7. Mom,

    It might be here by Easter...if it's edible, it probably won't show at all...another commenter on this thread has a great story about the Italian post eating gifts sent to mom in Italy!

  8. Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. It's within walking distance from the Angelicum.

  9. oh... what about Santa Maria in Aracoeli?

  10. not edible, not readable, not even usable really.....but made and sent with much love.

    when you see it you'll understand....whenever that may be.