24 December 2008

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

Buon Natale! Merry Christmas!

I will post three short homilies today (3rd, 4th Sundays of Advent, and Christmas) and then I'm going to take a blog break. I will still be checking comments but probably not replying, so be patient with any questions you might send my way.

I need to write a seminar paper, which will be posted on my recently much-neglected faith+science blog, suppl(e)mental.

Also, the license thesis needs to be sketched out.

Please be assured that I have received all the Mass intentions sent to me recently, and that I am dutifully fulfilling them.

Mail has been very slow this last week and will likely get much closer until well after the New Year. So, the likelihood of any books shot my way from the WISH LIST arriving anytime soon is close to nil. Regardless, as always, my gratitude is deep and abiding for every one sent!

If you have any topic requests for posts in the New Year, let me know. No promises! ;-)

Merry Christmas & Buon Natale!


  1. A blessed Christmas from your sisters in Summit. You and all our brethren are in our prayers especially on this beautiful feast of the WORD made Man!

  2. I wanted to try again to send you a Christmas present, but amazon "says" it cannot ship to the address provided (Italy). Do you have a domestic address to ship to?

  3. You can use the UK Amazon site or use one on-line bookstore, The Book Depository (no shipping cost!):


    You can ship it to my Irving address, but I won't get anything there until April when I visit for Easter:

    St Albert the Great Priory
    3150 Vince Hagan Dr
    Irving, TX 75062

    Thanks so much!