22 December 2008


Turn the volume WAY up!

H/T: Rocco


  1. Is it just me, or are the lyrics to this song dodgy?

  2. Anonymous12:02 AM

    amazingly lame. she's copying a much better rendition. no contest



  3. ...sigh...everyone's a critic...

  4. David,

    It's possible...for a poetry lover like myself it's strange that I am not better at picking out and appreciating song lyrics...but I rarely a lot of attention to the lyrics of pop songs...

  5. Anonymous12:41 AM

    The song was written by Leonard Cohen. Some of his lyrics are great. Witness this song. And the person who commented on this versus kd lang is absolutely correct. Lang is FAMOUS for bringing people to their knees with this amazing song and this woman doesn't hold a candle to it.

    She's won at least four grammy awards--maybe more. And she has "the voice of a generation" according to Tony Bennett.

    Give a listen to HER version and see if Miss American Idol doesn't come up lacking.

    Sorry, Father.


  6. Anonymous12:49 AM

    before i forget -- thanks for rudy's post

    it made me re-visit that sight.

    if you aren't moved by minute 2:45 on, well, I don't know what to say.

    And Cohen? he was rich, a buddhist and the son of a clothier. he led a remarkably austere life and then would pen these amazing songs...

    and Lang does them justice. imo, it's akin to hearing the divine

    emma again

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  8. Emma, no need to apologize...

    For you and Rudy both: I would point out that it is entirely possible for there to be more than one amazingly sung version of a song.

    That Lang did it better in no way takes away from Burke's rendition.

    My contention is that this version is an amazing version not that this version is better than someone elses.

    I will be checking out Lang's version!

  9. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Sorry, but you're all wrong. :)

    The best version is by the late great Jeff Buckley.


    Glad we cleared that up.

  10. Anonymous9:18 AM

    That is the first female version of Hallelujah that I really like. I hate the Lang version.


  11. Anonymous12:34 PM

    You've gotta be kidding.

    No matter what you think of kd lang, she has some pipes. Check her out on Roy Orbison's "Crying."

    There's one on YouTube of her singing at the Grammy's. She looks like a dork but the crowd is brought to their feet.

    It becomes a hymn of sorts, too.


  12. Anonymous1:49 PM

    So, after reading several commentors claim how much better KD Lang's rendition was I searched it out and listened. Lang does have a good voice, but this lady in the competition had something Lang did not. This lady added her heart while Lang was merely performing a song. One was truly moving, Lang was just a nice piece of music. I'll take 'from the heart' anyday.

  13. Anonymous8:00 PM

    you must be kidding. you can't get more heart than kd lang. it's clear OTHER criteria are entering into things. It's a song written by a buddhist jew and sung best by a buddhist lesbian.

    sometimes catholics can't imagine a couple of outsiders might have a leg up on talent.

    it's nuts.


  14. Marc,

    Quick point of logic...simply b/c someone disagrees with your musical taste is not an indication that non-musical criteria are being used to make aesthetic judgments.

    Unless, of course, you would like others to assume that you like the Lang version better b/c you are a Buddhist Lesbian Jew.

    In point of fact, you have no idea whether Fr. Joe knows anything at all about the history of the song's composition or the Lang's issues with same-sex attraction.

  15. OK...I listened to the Lang version and it is excellent. I also listened to Jeff Buckley's version and it is quite good as well.

    The difference for me is that the Burke version gives me goosebumps very time I listen to it. Maybe it's the orchestra or the arrangement or the staging...whatever it is...I like the Burke version best.

    Not being a singer or a musician, I will have to defer to the artists among you when it comes to technical skill, etc.

    I'm just reporting my subjective tastes.


    This is the Buckley version and the post includes the lyrics.

    I should add that I am a long-time fan of so-called "divas." My fav to win American Idol last year was Lakisha Jones. Talk about GOOSEBUMPS!


  16. Jeff Buckley did the best version. It doesn't work when a woman sings it. This is a song about love gone wrong. Only a middle aged man can really pull off the bitterness.

  17. Anonymous12:27 AM

    now we know why you call yourself dymphna.

    women know nada about love gone wrong?

    put down the bong