04 May 2014

Retreat Almost-debacle

Besides churning out seminarian evals all last week, I also spent some time preparing for my conferences for the OP laity retreat on Saturday. 

Late Thursday I got an email from the retreat coordinator inviting me to a late lunch with the retreatants on Friday afternoon.

When I read the email -- dazed, confused from eval-writing -- I saw Saturday afternoon and responded that I could make the lunch. . .

Friday night I was checking back over the emails from the retreat coordinator to refresh my memory about how many conferences I was to give. . .

Then -- like a five gallon pickle bucket of crushed ice -- it hit me. DOH! The retreat started that afternoon. . .that Friday afternoon.

Since I usually keep my cell phone off when I'm working, I reached for it to check if I'd received any messages from the retreat folks. . .it was no where to be found. I'd left it in my office.

Found my phone. No messages. Then I got an email from one of the retreatants asking me for an ETA at the retreat center. 

We finally connected on the phone and I blurted out my perfectly reasonable explanation for confusing the dates: Early On-set Senioritis. 

Made it to the retreat on Saturday morning and we had a great time!

At least, I think I remeber having a great time. . .

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