08 May 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Hollywood's Sexual Predators. . .it's time to end mandatory celibacy for Hollywood producers and directors and admit women to their ranks!

Why the Left Hates Work. . .when you spend you entire adult life living in an academic/public sector bubble, the gov't is the Only Solution.

Satanic Black Mass at Harvard?

MSM got the White House memo on "inequality." And yes, that includes FOXNews.

Out of control student attacks Christian protester on university campus. (NB. strong language)

That woman who filmed her abortion to show how wonderful abortions can be. . .yea, maybe not so wonderful after all.  

Parish school to celebrate "Year of Lady Gaga." And we all ask: where is the bishop? 

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1 comment:

  1. I've been reading about Hollyweird's pederasty mafia for some time, but this article by Michelle Malkin is the best one; good research she's done. Another hint about why the mainstream media keeps labling the sexual scandals in the Church "pedophilia" instead of "pederasty" as it mostly is...to cover their own track record.