11 April 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Best definition of "climate change" ever? Oh yes! ". . .a cocktail of ideas which includes anti-industrial nature worship, post-colonial guilt, a post-Enlightenment belief in scientists as a new priesthood of the truth, a hatred of population growth, a revulsion against the widespread increase in wealth and a belief in world government." 

There is a certain liberation in losing these political battles

Yeah, the bishop's statement could've been a lot stronger and much clearer

Strange Notions: great site for Atheist/Catholic discussion. Most Internet Atheists reject the existence of a god Catholics themselves do not believe in.

20 Arguments for God's existence. . .generally, I don't think arguments for God's existence are good evangelizing tools for the vast majority of folks. Reason will defend the faith, but it is rarely useful in bringing people to the faith.

Right on cue! MSM dredges up "evidence" against Church tradition just in time for Easter. They have Must Find Something Scandalous to Report written on their calendars the week before Palm Sunday.  

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    What this "groundbreaking" piece of paper from the 8th century that "reveals" what 4 Gospels didn't is that by then Gnosticism in N Africa was grasping for survival, watering down its tenets that women were bad and heterosexual relations and procreation, evil.

    On the other hand, by then the Coptic Church was already in schism. Moreover, it was probably confronted by Islam, and some of its bishops might be trying to water down Christian orthodoxy to appease its oppressors.

    The fact remains that there are umpteen documents and witnesses of Jesus' celibacy and the practices in the Church regarding women and marriage.

    1. It never seems to occur to these people that the ancients were just as capable of lying as we are today. So you found a scrap a paper that mentions Jesus' wife? Writers in the ancient middle east never lied?

    2. Anonymous11:39 AM

      I saw a headline about that on a corner of my local Google News page and didn't bother to look it up, but that was exactly what I thought. "If it's old, it's true"...how "conservative" secular journalism is when it's convenient, huh?

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    "Proofs" don't bring people to the faith, indeed, but these arguments seem to be a good way to hold self-satisfied neo-atheist's feet to the fire regarding the "logic" and "science" they allegedly profess and lead their rhetoric to a less preposterous way.

    1. I agree. These arguments also undercut the false notion that theists are just ignorant bumpkins.