13 March 2014

Francis changes everything. . .

Happy First Anniversary to Pope Francis!

To celebrate this event, John White of CatholicVote has a detailed list of the doctrinal changes that the Holy Father has made during his first year in the Chair of Peter.

With that kind of energy and drive, we can look forward to many more such changes. . .

Long live Francis!

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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    To say that modern day Jewish people who reject Christ are in (meaning they are good where they are now) a perpetual covenant with God, in an encyclical, does not count as change, is quite odd. What else does he need to do? He clearly proclaims this belief (unlike his moral teachings) and demonstrates it via his indifference (ecumenism) towards Catholicism and their faith. As you know and may agree with, many in the Church have already taken this heretical belief and made it their own. But yet he has changed nothing...how naive, father. He is making it official, well he thinks he is.


    1. What encyclical are you talking about?

    2. Anonymous10:00 PM

      My apologies, Father. Evangelii Gaudium was an Apostolic Exhortation, NOT an encyclical.

      Paragraphs 247 to 249. Remember that modern day Jewish people do not practice Ancient Judaism but Rabinical Jusaism are the ones being spoken of here. Ancient Judaism is now called Catholicism since the Old pointed to the New. Pope Francis says they are "people of the covenant" whom we do not consider part of a foreign religion nor do we need to "call" them from their current worship. Then he says that with us, they "accept his revealed word". Really, when did they accept Jesus as their Savior.

      Relations with Judaism

      247.We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The Church, which shares with Jews an important part of the sacred Scriptures, looks upon the people of the covenant and their faith as one of the sacred roots of her own Christian identity (cf. Rom 11:16-18). As Christians, we cannot consider Judaism as a foreign religion; nor do we include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God (cf. 1 Thes 1:9). With them, we believe in the one God who acts in history, and with them we accept his revealed word.

      248.Dialogue and friendship with the children of Israel are part of the life of Jesus’ disciples. The friendship which has grown between us makes us bitterly and sincerely regret the terrible persecutions which they have endured, and continue to endure, especially those that have involved Christians.

      249.God continues to work among the people of the Old Covenant and to bring forth treasures of wisdom which flow from their encounter with his word. For this reason, the Church also is enriched when she receives the values of Judaism. While it is true that certain Christian beliefs are unacceptable to Judaism, and that the Church cannot refrain from proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Messiah, there exists as well a rich complementarity which allows us to read the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures together and to help one another to mine the riches of God’s word. We can also share many ethical convictions and a common concern for justice and the development of peoples.

      God bless

    3. I've read this through several times, and I can't see anything objectionable. You're going to have to be more specific about what you find suspicious. Nowhere does the Holy Father claim that Jews do not need Christ for salvation nor does he claim that they will be saved by the Law alone.

  2. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Why would the cardinals be laughing during an act of papal veneration? http://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/pope-francis-kisses-a-cross-during-a-meeting-with-cardinals-news-photo/174547606
    And why the veneration of this particular, bizarre looking cross? http://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/pope-francis-holds-a-cross-during-a-meeting-with-cardinals-news-photo/174550364
    Would such a cross, which has no semblance to the traditional crucifix, warrant a sermon before a gathering of Church leadership? http://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/pope-francis-holds-a-cross-during-a-meeting-with-cardinals-news-photo/174547601
    The possible answers?
    *after evaluation of the above links take into account this prophecy: http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/my-poor-holy-vicar-pope-benedict-xvi-will-be-ousted-from-the-holy-see-in-rome/
    The prediction therein was given exactly one year prior to Pope Benedict’s 2/11/13 resignation press conference.

    Consider this comparison: (observe carefully the words used in both the Caritas International video and the prophecy link below)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvC-k1ai71Q (4:46 minute video; taken from www.romereports.com; Caritas International production)

    An unusual event to compare:
    Here is a sample review of the 2014 Grammy Awards (event featured religious ritual): http://www.spiritdaily.com/grammys.htm

    An alleged prophecy concerning the continuing rise of satanism among celebrities and the subsequent fallout: http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/you-must-pray-for-their-souls-as-they-have-sold-them/

    *hyperlinks have been removed in order to bypass sensitive email filters – copy and paste desired link address into your internet browser search box.

    1. I love conspiracy stuff like the above. I don't take a word of it seriously however.

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    The post felt a little odd when I first saw it (I should know you better by now), then I opened the link and it took me a while to get the joke... :)

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Ha! I should know you better by now, but when I first glanced at the post, it did felt a little odd...then I opened the link and it took me a while to get the joke. :)

    1. Anonymous4:45 AM

      Sigh...Blogger dashboard fooled me.

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM

    The evil in the Church is certainly increasing. The enemies of the Church are greatly encouraged and the persecution of those faithful to the deposit of Faith and morals is increasing. One of the many grave scandals is the suppression and persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. More and more orthodox Catholics are being intimidated into silence for their upholding the unchanging and unchangeable truth of the deposit of Faith and morality. Meanwhile the groups pushing grave immorality and relativism and modernism are allowed to go on unimpeded. As Roberto de Mattei, an exemplary witness to the Faith, said when he was unjustly axed from Radio Maria - things speed up near the end (I can't remember the Latin adage). Mario Palmaro RIP who passed just a few days ago aged 45 years was another great witness to the Faith, who refused to be intimidated into silence or switch off his critical faculties after Pope Francis was elected. His recent essays are great expositions of Faith and reason. As Catholics, we must not jettison reason but continue to object to things said or done which are not in keeping with the deposit of Faith or morals. Popes can err outside of infallible teaching.