29 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Church "reformers" do not understand the mission of the Church. They see everything, including the Church, in terms of secular political agency.

Pope Francis and B.O. affirm their mutual desire to stop human trafficking. Odd. B.O. cut funding to the USCCB anti-trafficking office b/c they wouldn't provide abortion counseling.

My Dominican sister and friend, Sr. Jane Dominic, is stirring the pot in NC! Stir, sister, stir!

A new catechetical program from the Augustine Institute. Looks good. They should send me a review copy (hint, hint). . .you know, since I teach catechetics to seminarians and all. . .  :-)

Dr. Chris Baglow of NDS reviews the new COSMOS series. 

Noah: an anti-Christian propaganda film? What sins prompt God to flood the earth? Environmental "sins."  Sounds like I will be skipping this one. 

Poet Fanny Howe on the liturgy and the horror of being human.

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  1. I received a review copy of the Augustine Institute program. I've only watched the first episode, but I was underwhelmed. I'm reserving judgment until I've watched the whole thing but I hope the rest isn't as didactic. Even the two interview segments felt scripted.

    1. Thanks, Jonathan! I'm using the Pedagogy of God by Petroc Willey at NDS. Good stuff. Keyed to the CCC.

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    We need didactic right now. We have had far too much of "experience", and having a logical thought out presentation of the Faith in a formal manner is not a bad thing at all.

    As for the rest, while your Dominican sister is standing up (and hopefully the Bishop joins her), we also have this going on. http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2014/03/lesbo-sacrament-aplooza.html

    1. I have no doubt that Sr. Jane Dominic can handle the pressure! She's one tough cookie. . .erm. . .I mean sister.

    2. I don't deny that a thorough presentation of the faith is necessary, but I also think a persuasive, winsome catechesis needs to be more than talking heads quoting the Catechism. With apologies to Dr. Sri (whose work I like), he's no Fr. Barron.