25 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Six media lies about the contraception mandate. Clear. Concise. Devastating.

Some guy tells the Church that we need to change ourselves into Something Else. . .or else.  Somebody send this guy this article, "End of the Mainline."

The Walking Dead has become nothing more than a bad soap opera, starring really smelly people with bad skin. Haven't watched it in weeks.

Why do fantasy/sci-fi TV shows often fail? Easy: they stop being fantasy/sci-fi and become mushy, character-driven soap operas. Spending weeks on a character romance with all the sentimental trimmings is a death-sentence.

"Years ago, the Europeans made a conscious decision to inhabit an imaginary world where everyone is just as emasculated and effete as they, where everyone wants to anesthetize themselves from the pain of responsibility with social spending and moral posturing."  

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1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't expect anything different from TownHall, always itching for a new war by the exceptional and divinely instituted America. Ukraine was not invaded, Russian troops have been in Crimea for decades, Crimea has been Russian for longer than the US have existed, Crimea ended up as part of Ukraine by accident at the fall of the Soviet Union. The US and Europe are the ones to blame for financing a that brought to power neo-Nazis and radicals hellbent on genocide of Russian Ukrainians. Europe is actually the adult in this quarrel, trying to figure out if antagonizing Russia is really worth the lives that it'd cost, unlike America the bully. This crisis is first and foremost about egos and is full of hot air. To make Yanukovich the new Archduke Ferdinand or claiming alliances is what neo-cons want to distract the people from the corruption inside the Beltway, but the result will be far bloodier than both world wars were. Does history have to be repeated almost exactly a century later?