24 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

God's Not Dead breaks into the Top 5 movies over the weekend. Haven't seen it. Anyone? 

Here's a trailer. . .love how the philosophy professor -- committed to argument and evidence -- begins by concluding that God is dead. I believe that's called begging the question.

Here's why B.O. Care is failing and will always be a failure. . .

That No Christians Need Apply clause in a school contract just somehow, mysterious floated into the help wanted ad all by itself. Sure it did.

Pope Francis: Don't clericalize the laity!

Secularism is really just the re-paganization of the West.


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  1. And Secularism's so-called Humanism is actually Sub-humanism, favoring our basest instincts or some humans over others or animals and the environment over humans.

  2. Okay, saw God's Not Dead on Saturday evening after teaching a Church history class on the Middle Ages. It was interesting to say the least. There was a mention of Georges Lemaitre while speaking of the Big Bang, but glossed over quickly. It did, however, show how much you are going to struggle in this world if you stand up for your faith - particularly Christianity. I have to say that my wife and I enjoyed it and didn't wince at biblical inaccuracies like the Son of God movie.