05 October 2013

The moral failure of the Wounded Healer

Just had to share this. . .

The Shea (and his Enormous Beard) was recently seized by the Holy Spirit and inspired him to write the following:

The priesthood is about service, not about clerical voyages of psychoemotional self-discovery in which laity and their children play bit parts while an ordained narcissist and his pals take center stage as the stars of their own spiritual drama. 

Though Shea wrote this bit of brilliance in response to a specific case of moral cowardice, the sentiment applies across the board.

The priesthood is NOT: 

-- a social club

-- a therapy-encounter group

-- a frat 

-- a Wounded Healer lobbying group

-- or a Narcissists Fanboy Drama.

The Baby Boomer clerical obsession with psychobabble and therapeutic solutions to moral problems has left us with at least one generation of priests and religious who see repeated moral failures as nothing more than opportunities for "voyages of psychoemotional self-discovery."  

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