29 March 2013

"Post birth abortion"

When we choose sin--especially the darkest of sins--over and over again, the Darkness starts to look like the Light, and we are capable of the most barbarous acts in the name of doing the Good.

For example: a Planned Parenthood official can't bring herself to say that a baby who survives a botched abortion should be treated as a patient and given medical care.  

"Post birth abortion" is the trendy new euphemism for what sane people call "murder."

Are we just pagans with better hygiene and technology?

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  1. Well, then at what age should we stop? How long "post birth" is abortion then considered OK?

    I remember in medical ethics one argument we studied (don't remember the ehicist who made it) using a premise that abortion was ok because the life of the unborn child didn't meet the accepted definition of sentience or human life or something (I'm sorry, I wish I could remember it better); then taking this definition he posited that we could ethically kill a child up until about the age of 2 or 3. He may have gone further with it. All I remember is being utterly shocked. Seems like we're getting closer and closer to that way of thinking.

    1. You're talking about Peter Singer. . .an "ethicist" who would be very comfy with the Nazis.

    2. That's right. Utilitarianism and "personhood" -what bothered me most was that the students in the class had no issues with his arguments. They were quite willing to go along with these ideas - these students being the future doctors of America. No wonder the descent has seemed so precipitous of late . . . .