27 March 2013

Keeping Scandals Quiet. . .for the children

Oh! If only women could be TV producers! If only married men could be TV hosts! None of this would've ever happened. . .yea, right.

This is bad enough on its own, but the scandals aren’t limited to Doctor Who. As the Daily Mail notes, this story is emerging shortly after accusations that longtime BBC television host Jimmy Savile molested as many as 450 people in his lifetime, making him one of the UK’s “most prolific sex offenders,” according to the NSPCC charity group.

The more we hear about what was going on in the era of sexual liberation, the more the Catholic  scandals look like a symptom of the times rather than a special pathology of the Church. The BBC was apparently a hotbed of abuse for underage female and male fans, and revelations about abuse in schools, the Boy Scouts, Jewish organizations and other institutions in which adults regularly interact with youth keep coming to light.

Expect round-the-clock media coverage of these scandals. Expect ringing calls for radical reform in the TV industry training programs. Expect righteous denunciations of hypocrisy  every time a TV talking head makes a moral judgment. . .

Or, expect pretty much what we heard and seen already about these scandals. . .not much.

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  1. Fr. P,

    Actually, no. In the UK many experts and other enlightened elite members are coming out defending a lower age of consent and suggesting that sex across ages is not harmful so that all those crimes committed by their ilk would not be considered crimes but the knees bees... (retching)

  2. Child molestation is not new. At all. My husband and his many siblings were abused by their father and their maternal grandmother for many years, while their mother enabled all of it. My husband did a lot of research about it, trying to make some sense of it. He found that the classic child abuser is a married man with kids, like his father. In other words, you get a lot more abuse in the general population—and by married ministers and priests—than you do with Catholic priests. You just hear more about the Catholic priests because there are so many more of them than of any other kind of clergy.

    1. And b/c the Church has deep pockets for the lawyers to raid. . .

  3. LudiDomestici7:30 AM

    Pope Francis driving trad crowd crazy: