27 March 2013

A new article from HPR

Check out the most issue of Homiletics and Pastoral Review. . .

My friend, Ann "Not a Mushroom" Morrill,* has published a wonderful article titled, "Darkness, the Theological Virtues, and Finding the Inflection Point."

An excerpt:

According to many Catholic theologians, there are two purifications in the spiritual life: a purification of the sense, and a purification of the spirit. The purification of the sense is brought on by loss of friends, fortune and the like.  In this, we are deprived of consolations in order to bring us to trust in God more than in our own resources. In this purification, temptations, which involve chastity and patience, are frequent.

The purification of the spirit involves the higher levels of the soul, so the temptation involved in it are against the theological virtues.  These temptations are, by their nature, greater than temptations involving patience, although patience is also involved in their resolution.

Go read the whole thing! And please leave Ann a comment. . .

* I misspelled Ann's last name in the original post.  Now corrected!

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  1. Thanks; have read it three times so far.

  2. Thank you Father. Lots of applicability . . . now I understand more why Fr. L was encouraging my reading about and asking intercession of Bl. Mother Teresa.