23 February 2013

RIP: fra. Benedict Ashley, OP

R.I.P. Fr. Benedict Ashley, OP.  I knew Fr. Benny in St Louis during my studium years. 

The Church and the Order have lost a great mind.


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  1. He was the lecturer (DVD) for many of my theology classes at Holy Apostles. I would've liked to have known him personally.

  2. Anthony11:41 AM

    I had the pleasure to meet Fr. Ashley back in December when I was visiting the Pius V priory in Chicago. He will be missed greatly.

  3. I want to share my last email conversation with Fr. Ashley. I will always treasure his friendship and expect he and his dear Fr. Ralph Powell to be there to welcome me when the time comes for me to join them again.

    12/8/12 Dear Connie May, I am doing well for an old man of 97 and work away at my computer writing books and articles. I will pray for you intentions. A Blessed Christmas !! BEN ASHLEY OP

    12/8/12 Dear Benny,
    Old is a state of mind and I can’t imagine you with an old mind. Our bodies mark the years but our spirits are ageless.
    Much love dear man,

    His prayers will be even more powerful now.
    Connie May

  4. I had correspondence with Fr. Ashley in my position as editor at Paulist Press. He was a lovely man. In paradisum deducant eum angeli.