22 February 2013

"Domini canes" beg for help!

How much does it cost to create a Dominican friar?

From novice to solemnly professed Dominican friar it costs approx. $250,000. . .

That's one year in the novitiate. . .and between five and seven years in the studium (seminary), including a year working as a deacon away from academic studies.*

The American bishops require that all men proposed for priestly ordination hold the M.Div. degree.  That's a professional ministerial degree that requires academic work in theology, philosophy, scripture, Church history, pastoral theology, several supervised ministry practica, etc.

Getting the M.Div. means four to five years of private Catholic grad school.  While a student, friars are not allowed to earn a salary, so all of their expenses fall to their respective provinces: food, clothing, shelter, insurance, travel, tuition, books, etc.  Everything. It's like having all your grown children back at home!

So. . .we need help!  

Dominicans are mendicant friars, meaning we beg for our living.  Yes, we work too, but the largest portion of our annual budget comes from generous benefactors who want to be part of our preaching charism.  For the Province of St Martin de Porres that means preaching the Gospel in the Protestant South.

Every year we beg for help through the 1216 Campaign. And what better time to consider donating to the Hounds of the Lord (Domini canes) than Lent?

We pray everyday--twice a day--for our benefactors!

*Co-operator brothers generally follow the same academic track as clerical brothers sans those courses required for ordination.

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