16 February 2013

Papal prophecies, etc.

As I have said. . .REPEATEDLY. . .prophecies, seers, apparitions, etc. are nonsense.

The next Pope will be The Pope.  And the next one after him until Christ returns.

Your job:  be ready for Christ's return.  Are you?

If not, head to The Box and go to confession. 

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  1. Even if these "prophecies" were correct, what could be done about them? If something is meant to happen it will, no amount of agonizing over it changes a thing. As you imply Father, we should work on the only thing we can and that would be our own salvation.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, dear Fr. Philip. :) I enjoy your blog!

  3. Yes, I think it's safe to say that the big "prophecy," the purported St. Malachy prophecy, is bogus. Consider, for example, the "prophecy" alleged to apply to John Paul II: de labore solis. This is supposed to refer to him being born and dying under a solar eclipse. Here we are talking about the first ever Polish Pope, who traveled all over the world, helped bring down the Iron Curtain, was very nearly assassinated, revealed the Third Secret of Fatima, was beloved of youth and reigned for nearly 27 years, and the most distinctive thing about him for a prophet to latch onto was that he was born and died under a solar eclipse? Come on.