28 February 2013

Chiacchiera Vaticano

I pay no attention whatsoever to the administrative intrigues of the Vatican. The internal politics of Church governance bores me to near stupidity. However, I ran across an interesting bit in The Vatican Diaries over at Chiesa:

There remains empty, in fact, the position of secretary of the congregation for religious, a dicastery that has yet to draw the conclusions of the thorny and contested apostolic visitation to the American sisters. 

After evaluating the hypothesis of a stars-and-stripes bishop, most recently it seems that thought has been given to the promotion of a religious from the United States, in all probability a Dominican.

This American Dominican bishop is most likely fra. Joseph Augustine Di Noia, OP, who is currently serving in a curia as Vice President of Ecclesia Dei, a Pontifical Commission that oversees the implementation of BXVI's liturgical initiative, Summorum Pontificum.

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  1. Wouldn't that be great! We've been praying for this! The Nuns OP would be thrilled!!!