26 January 2013

Techie-dummy gets it right

I finally figured out the problem btw my Yahoo email account and Firefox.

I've been faithfully downloading Firefox updates. However, I wasn't installing them. I thought this was being done automatically. Apparently not.

Basically, Yahoo email was constantly changing while my browser was still a dinosaur.

I got Firefox up-to-date and now everything is fine. Even the sign-in bar for HancAquam has re-appeared!

Please resist the temptation to mock my lack of techie awareness. . .when it comes to computer stuff, I believe in magic.

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  1. I am reminded of a t-shirt my friend gave me in college. There was a complex calculus equation with a little work done, then a huge blank space, and the correct answer at the bottom. In the middle of the huge blank space was written "...and then a miracle occurs." Still don't know why she gave me that shirt!

  2. To quote Arthur C. Clarke "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

  3. Well if we we to somehow go back to the middle ages and used a Bic Lighter to start a fire, we'd be burned at the stake for witchcraft

    1. Puff, have you read "Eifelheim"? Great story.


  4. Anonymous8:05 PM

    What's Firefox??? Is there one of those on my computer??

    1. :-) Probably. Even if you aren't feeding it.

  5. Just stumbled onto your blog, very good reading! Regarding your post, we are all techie-dummies at some times.

    Some years ago, I worked through the night with a team to replace the core servers for a major urban transit agency. We struggled for hours with the incantations that should have unified the parts, arguing over indecipherable scrolls of wisdom spilling out of CD-ROMs, and called up pages of anguish written by others who had faced the same Dark Night. Suddenly, Divine inspiration struck one of my colleagues -- a Cambodian immigrant of the 1970s -- and he reconnected a cable that I had not properly tightened. Oops.

    We staggered out of the server room to watch the sun rise over the city from the seventh floor. Give glory to God! Coffee, cold pizza. Back to work.