26 January 2013

All over the place this weekend!

Weird weekend for me liturgy-wise. . .

Memorial Mass at Dominic's at noon today.

Confessions and Vigil Mass for an Mens' Emmaus Retreat in Ponchatoula at 7.00pm

Sunday Mass at St Dominic's at 8.00am

Sunday Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary at 6.00pm.  

Starting Monday, Fr. John Dominic Sims (our new parochial vicar) and I will be going over to Our Lady of the Rosary for the 7.00am daily Mass.  Their pastor is on a leave of absence.

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  1. Fr.

    Just heard about the current tragedy that happened on another state in my country. Please consider including in your prayers everybody involved...

    1. Matheus, will add this to my Rosary today. Thank you.

    2. I'll offer a prayer at Mass this evening!

  2. Thanks folks...it's been quite a mindboggling day for everyone over here.