09 January 2013

Coffee Cup Browsing

Totalitarianism in the West: "To permit the State to claim authority over [moral] knowledge is to reduce morality to politics, which is to reduce it to power."

Swirling the Bowl: "persuasive evidence for the harmfulness of paedophilic relationships does not yet exist."

Legislating Happiness: "Inventing 'civil rights' that contradict natural rights does not solve a problem of personal unhappiness."

Is Sandy B.O.'s Katrina?  “Where is the government? We need gasoline! We’re gonna die. We’re gonna freeze.”

Doing the penance before doing the sin: "But the new liberal aristocracy is far less discreet than the old."

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  1. Conrad Black reviewed a long speech about the Constitution and religion by George Will at Notre Dame. Thought it was mostly brilliant, but that it missed a salient point. Our increasing default assumption that the State can and should give us everything we want comes not from insufficiently Madisonian respect for the separate and limited powers, but from universal suffrage (which we are now taught to revere as an unquestionable bedrock right and which the Founding Fathers never wanted). Black concludes: "The idea that in what is essentially a free country the majority could be denied what it wants, even if its desires are incited by demagogues and charlatans, is moonshine." The rot may go deeper than we thought.

  2. And as is so often the case, Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw our current debased state back in 1831.

  3. Ran across this article, from a completely non-religious viewpoint, a secular masculinist, about some of the baleful results for both men and women of the sexual revolution. http://www.groin.com/sexual-freedom-crushed-our-souls/