26 December 2012

Rain, wind, snow. . .home at last!

Made it home yesterday (25th) right on time. . .

Just as I got a little north of Ponchatoula, LA a line of thunderstorms let loose. I managed to stay a ahead of the worst of it until I got to Jackson, MS.

Then. . .POW!. . .torrential rain, wind, lightning/thunder. Yikes! Cars on I-55 were creeping along at 35-40MPH. At one point I hit a spot of deep water and skidded. Needless to say, my prayer life intensified at that moment.

Radio stations all along the way were broadcasting those blaring/honking emergency messages about tornadoes. Just to enhance my harrowing driving experience, I listened to several screaming Pentecostal preachers railing against the world. How anyone manages to get that level of intensity and volume going for long is a mystery.

About thirty minutes north of Jackson, the rain stopped and all was well under I got home. Scuba Mom had a plate of homemade pralines waiting for me.  :-)

There's a light coating on snow on the ground this morning. 

The Redneck Squirrels are still in hiding. Chickens.

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1 comment:

  1. Glad you made it safely - apparently Mobile got hit pretty hard. My sister-in-law had some friends who couldn't go back home yet, staying at her house; and when we called father-in-law he was driving back from Mobile Infirmary after having gone over to help out with some damage they had sustained.

    Enjoy your time with the Redneck Squirrels!