28 December 2012

Christmas Update

Christmas dinner was a lot of fun.  My family is loud, boisterous, and very funny.  The main course was casserole.  Many casseroles gave up their lives for our celebrations.  Oh, and there was ham. 

Going to see The Hobbit this afternoon with a friend from my seminary days.  

If I manage to sit still for 3hrs it will be a miracle.

Yesterday I took The Nieces out to do a little post-Christmas shopping.  I can honestly say that this was my first time shopping with two teenage girls in a costume jewelry store. Who knew such a thing even existed???

When I left NOLA on the 25th it was 74 degrees.  Now it is 33 in N. MS. Truly, I made some bad wardrobe choices.  Yikes.

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  1. Did your nieces buy you any bling? I can't see an earring in your ear.

    1. Oh, Faith. . .I had an earring for about four mos. back in 1994. Much younger then. And no, my nieces didn't buy me any bling. Most of the stuff there looked more appropriate for elderly Jewish Manhattanites.

  2. As for The Hobbit, it's not so much a matter of sitting still as staying awake.

    1. We ended up going to see "Jack Reacher." It was basically a longish NCIS episode.