23 December 2012

On being temporally cheated

I need an alarm clock with bigger LED numbers.

Woke up this morning, glanced at my clock:  3:55.

Since I usually get up at 4.00 anyway, I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs for a big cup of coffee.

Back in my room to check email, etc. After a while I glanced down at my laptop clock: 3:50.


Apparently, the bedside clock had read 3:25 not 3:55.  I was cheated out of 30 minutes of sleep by the tiny numbers on a clock!

As they say, "First World problems. . ."

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  1. Getting up at oh four hundred...reason number 23,343 why I would fail at the religious life.

    1. There's no religious reason among the OP friars for getting up at 0400. Country boy habit.

  2. That's nothing. One time I woke up and thought it was five. Showered, dressed, left for work. I thought it was awfully dark, and I also thought that Dunkin Donuts were open by five. Then I turned on the radio and did a face palm when I heard the announcer say that it was four. It must have been three--not five on the digital clock!