11 December 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Abortion, contraception, sterilization! All for the Greater Glory of God! AMDG!

How many times do we have to endure the End of the World?

"Is comparing Obama’s policies to dinosaurs racist?" Depends. . .does doing so help the Narrative?

The Road to Serfdom illustrated.

Speaking of serfdom: ". . .social studies. . .seeks to adjust [the child’s individual potential] to the mediocrity of the social pack.

New Atheism fail: To promote critical thinking one must actually think critically.

"Casual worship" fail: why get out of bed on Sunday to attend services at a spiritual Starbucks?

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  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Question for when you have time. Should we patronize businesses that also sell new age/pagan stuff when what we want is Christian? I would stay out of physical shops selling that kind of stuff. But I know many people at church who wouldn't think twice about buying it.

    Two examples I came across recently: A plaque with the Our Father in Gaelic from a catalog that also sells goddess/druid stuff (new age friendly druids, not authentic ones). I haven't found the plaque elsewhere.
    Red Christmas candles for the Advent wreath during Christmas season - much better price from a seller that also sells a book called "candle magic" and other such items.


  2. Sigh. I can never get my dates right. The world is gonna end on Dec 21st! I thought it ended on November 6th.