10 November 2012

Bread & Circuses

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Liberals have an inherent but not insuperable advantage: As enthusiasts of government, to which many of them are related as employees or clients, they are more motivated for political activity than are conservatives, who prefer private spaces. Never mind. Conservatives have a commensurate advantage: Americans still find congenial conservatism’s vocabulary of skepticism about statism. And events — ongoing economic anemia; the regulatory state’s metabolic urge to bully — will deepen this vocabulary’s resonance.

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I hope Will is right about Americans being skeptical of statist bullying.  However, I worry that he's being entirely too optimistic. Which Americans are skeptical of statist bullying?  Not the 50% who voted for B.O.'s massive governmental take-over our health-care choices.  Not the 50% who voted for B.O.'s massive governmental violation of our constitutionally guaranteed religious liberty.  Not the 50% of who voted for B.O.'s massive expansion of Bush's secretive National Security State.  

It seems to me that at least 50% of Americans voted for four more years of statist bullying and the continuing devolution of our nation's free citizens into dependent wards.

In a world of Bread & Circuses, free stuff beats freedom every time.

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